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Are you speaking naturally free or are you progressing your speech chart by chart?

What you need is a simple structure – when we develop the central theme for your upcoming speech, you won´t be disturbed by anything so quickly. Already at your next speech you´ll be perceived even more professional and superior by your listeners.

You are able to create all kind of speeches for different events, as you now can work around the reliable Story Director framework for composing a speech. You will remain on track without cheat sheets or memorizing.



• You want to concentrate on your audience instead on yourself

• People should listen to you closely, instead reading it from a screen

• You prefer to speak freely instead memorizing your notes

• You want to master a thrilling way of presenting new ideas instead of reading them off somewhere

• You want to get an objective feedback from an external communicating professional

• You are looking for a process that helps to implement your content in different timeframes

• Your audience should not only listen to your words, but also be inspired by

„For my first big talk that I had to give … I felt that even after working on it, structuring it, restructuring it, fine tuning it, month after month with Maximilian, I was still very insecure about my progress, until I gave the talk. Which was a great success. I actually got a standing ovation. It was a grand slam.

Dr. Paul Ahearn

Founder & Owner, Ahearn Chiropractic



We examine your upcoming speech together. Everything that will distract the audience is merciless sorted out. Afterwards we´re combining your content with the Story Director structure, so that you can perform highly natural while persuading your listeners.

A moment of recognition follows.

When your thoughts, examples and stories all fall into place and you finally see everything on paper in front of you, you´ll experience this magical moment too.

Your ideas separated in a simple structure – this central theme is the safety guard, to deliver your next speech masterfully.

Suddenly, cramped attempts to remember parts of your speech belong to the past. You can be yourself while speaking totally relaxed.

The results are discernible instantly. Smartphones and tablets are being ignored, because your audience will listen to what you have to say. And when time flies, it´s less about content, as more about your strategic preparation.

Maximilian Bormann has enabled me to light the audience for my topic. For anyone who speaks in front of an audience to win others over for their ideas, that’s priceless.“
Patrick Nottebaum

Founder & Owner, Walnut Careers



  • A deep dive into the art of excellent structured speeches
  • A Speech, with a central theme that builds up logically
  • Come across highly confident while abandon cheat sheets and useless charts
  • A framework, which drives curiosity while fostering insights for your listeners
  • An accurate structured speech to shine on stage and having impact with words
  • Confidence to speak naturally without hiding behind a speaker´s desk anymore

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